Saturday, May 29, 2010

Singapore RC Hobby Shops (CHINATOWN)

This post would be providing information on "WHERE" to get materials to kick start your RC hobby.

Since this hobby is not very popular among people, shops are not very convenient. Personally, I usually get my materials from CHINATOWN, as there are many RC hobby shops in that area.

This week, I'll be showing images from my favorite 3 RC Hobby shops. Jet Hobby RC Model, NTC Engineering Hobbies and Singapore Hobby Supplies PTE LTD.

Starting with Jet Hobby RC Model, the shop is located at the Singapore Handicraft Centre.

              Singapore Handicraft Centre
 As seen from the picture its part of Chinatown Point. In case you don't know how to go there, its at Chinatown MRT station.. exit point: Chinatown point (E). The entrance is to the left of the exit point.

                   JET HOBBIES RC MODEL
 Just enter through the glass door and right at your left is an escalator leading straight to the hobby shop! 

Jet Hobbies specializes in micro-machines with a wide range of accessories to choose from. I recommend materials for starting a kite be bought mainly from this shop, as the shop provides a variety of servos and electronic speed controllers (ESC) to choose from.

The next 2 shops are located in Fook Hai building. The building is two blocks from the handicraft centre. To go there, take the same path as you did earlier to the handicraft centre.

Instead of entering the building, go through a row of shop houses. Next, cross the road to the carpark entrance and Fook Hai Building is on the left.

                    Fook Hai Building
Its easy to identify the building as the outer shops are travel agencies. However, there a number of RC Hobby shops inside.

One of those shops is NTC Engineering Hobbies. The shop is at basement 1 of Fook Hai Building.

Below are the pictures I've taken from the Hobby shop.

NTC Engineering Hobbies has a wide selection of
RC planes and cars. I recommend this shop for
beginners interested in RC planes as there are
stable, anti-crash planes available. In the glass
panel of the counter are E-proxy and super glues
used for repairs, and towards the back is a stretch
of electric propellers.

The last shop I'm posting is Singapore Hobbies 
Supplies PTE LTD, located right beside NTC
Engineering Hobbies.
                Singapore Hobby Supplies
The slide show of the pictures I took from
Singapore Hobby Supplies PTE LTD

Singapore Hobby Supplies provide the most RC
helicopters for sales. I recommend for people
with interest in helis. It also provides sales of
transmitters, batteries and battery chargers for
electric RC aircrafts. 

This is my post for the week and I feel its too
long. It can't be helped, I feel all 3 shops are
important. Maybe I should split the post into
3 parts, so please send me your feedback

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